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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Upper Respiratory Infection

My poor little guy has an upper respiratory infection. He woke up at 5am Saturday with a fever of about 100. We spent the whole day cuddling and trying to break the fever with ibuprofen and baths. Nothing seemed to help. Finally, around 4am Sunday he got his appetite back and drank a bottle and a half, and 15 minutes was vomiting profusely. It was terrible. I freaked out and called my mother; we were off to the ER.

We got there around 5:45, and they gave him some Motrin cuz his fever was close to 102. We sat in the room on the bed for quite a while, poor little man was just crying and trying to get comfortable. The doctor finally came in and he was wonderful. He told me he had a 22 month old daughter, which always comforts me. I feel that doctors treating babies are more sympathetic towards worrisome parents when they have their own babies at home. Just by looking at him and listening to him breathing he was able to tell me it definitely was not RSV. It is just a mild viral upper respiratory infection. The fever is caused by the fact that babies have such virgin little immune systems that their bodies react harshly to any foreign infection. The vomiting was just a side effect, his body couldn't handle the milk while trying to fight the infection. He prescribed Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours on rotation, and juice, water, and pedialyte to keep him hydrated.

We got home around 8am, and poor baby finally fell asleep. Mommy did too haha, I was exhausted. We woke up 8 hours later and started the medicine since the fever was back in full force. He's been a little grumpy ever since, but mostly he's back to normal aside from sleeping a lot. He's been eating better now that he feels more like himself, even had a small amount of formula (he insisted). He's gonna be just fine, but it's definitely gonna be a rough few days until he's better.

A friend of mine came over today to help me out for a while, which was nice. I joke that she's my son's girlfriend because he absolutely loves her. It was great to see him get down and play with her for a while, seeing him feeling better helped me relax a little and remember that this will soon be just another memory. It's stressful, and it breaks my heart to see him like this. I was absolutely terrified last night. But he's going to be fine, so I will be too. It's just a matter of time. Hey, maybe this will help me build my utter lack of patience for anything haha. Plus all my friends and family have been wonderful, everyone offering to come keep me company, watch him so I can shower and eat, or even just wanting to come see him and cuddle the poor sick baby. I'm trying to keep company to a minimum, but I need help now and then, and it's wonderful that people are so willing to help me out.