Monday, November 15, 2010

My Challenge to All Who Read

I'm 20 years old, currently unemployed, nearly 5 months pregnant, and my subscriptions to my favorite video games have run out. In other words, I'm really bored, most of the time. My boyfriend works 2 jobs (no I'm not lazy, quitting my job was a mutual decision for personal reasons), and we currently don't live together and won't for another few weeks. This is incredibly trying since we lived together previously, and he has the Xbox 360 (technically it is his anyway, but I still enjoy playing it).

I am full of opinions and ideas, and I can talk about anything. So I'm trying to get some feedback for blog topics. Since my life isn't always the most exciting, I will post about one of the suggested topics when I haven't got much else to talk about. Don't worry about "what if she doesn't know much about ___". This is the internet and, as previously stated, I have plenty of free time to search and read, assuming the topic doesn't bore me more than my own life.

This is my first time blogging. I have found, however, several people whose blogging skills are superior to the rest, and I follow them almost religiously. I only hope their wisdom and insight will help me to create at least a mediocre set of rants and ramblings. Or at least a few good laughs.

Well, hopefully I'm feeling more creative later. Until then, here's something to make you smile: