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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Cheesecake is a LIE!!!!

Last night, the baby's kicking kept me up until all sorts of ungodly hours, per usual. I began to realize how tired I was when the friend I was IMing walked away from the computer, and I proceeded have this discussion with myself:

[5:13:06 AM] Erica: i'm having cheesecake at my wedding
[5:13:16 AM] Erica: it's the only good cake....cuz it's not cake at all
[5:13:26 AM] Erica: it's pseudo-cake
 [5:13:47 AM] Erica: it's really just fancy pie
[5:14:29 AM] Erica: cuz if you think about it....cheesecake is more like pumpkin pie than any kind of cake i ever saw....
[5:14:55 AM] Erica: 1- cakes don't have crusts
[5:15:06 AM] Erica: 2- cakes are made of bread
[5:15:21 AM] Erica: 3- cake is boring
[5:15:27 AM] Erica: cheesecake is not boring
[5:15:36 AM] Erica: not made out of bread
[5:15:39 AM] Erica: and has a crust
[5:15:43 AM] Erica: not cake

Now, this led  me to think on the matter further, and this morning when I woke up I realized that my rantings were not just 630am hysteria, but rather a valid argument disputing the cake-y-ness of cheesecake.

Let's elaborate these points and turn them into a ore solid argument, shall we?
1 - You frost cake, but do not frost cheesecake. You DO, however, occasionally put toppings on cheesecake, as you would with, oh, say, pie?
2 - Plain cake is bland and boring, while plain cheesecake is rich, delicious, and satisfying.
3 - One major defining difference between pie and cake, is that pie is a crust of some sort, holding all the "good parts" inside, while cake stands alone, has no crust and rarely has filling. Cheesecake has a crust and then you put in the cream cheese filling, with whatever extra flavorings and such you desire.
4 - Cake is part of the breads and pastries family. Cheesecake is definitely neither bread nor pastry.

IN CONCLUSION: Cheesecake is not cake at all, and is in fact more closely related to pie than anything.