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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I effing hate St. Paddy's Day now

I've never been huge on this holiday, I'm not Irish and I'm not a big drinker so it holds no real excitement for me.  People who know me have learned not to pinch me when I don't wear green because I will not hesitate to turn around and deck you. But as of today, I officially hate St. Paddy's Day.

It's Fatty first St. Paddy's, and we live on the parade route (hence the comment in previous post about bagpipes). I thought it would be fun to take him downstairs and watch the parade, the one child friendly activity on this holiday (and I secretly love parades!!). We have a Zem Zem Shrine Club where I live, and what's more entertaining than old men in tiny cars and motorcycles?

Well we went downstairs, and Fatty was loving it. It's a beautiful day so he didn't need a coat, and there were dogs everywhere (his favorite) and there were even some horses in the parade which caught his attention to the point of him almost squirming out of my arms to keep watching after they were past us. I was having fun watching all the little kids run around after candy, admiring how well behaved they were all being since none of them were fighting. There were even a group of young boys who were sharing their candy with a little girl nearby who was too small to beat out the bigger and faster kids. I'm actually tearing up a little writing this because it was so sweet, they didn't even know her, just walked over to her and handed her a bunch of candy without saying a word and went back to their parents. Ahh, the beauty of childhood innocence. Anywho

Shortly after the adorable candy sharing, disaster struck. A bunch of drunken idiots came stumbling up the street from a nearby bar. I'm ashamed to say I recognized them and they live in my building. Those ASSHOLES started pushing little kids out of the way to get the candy! WHO DOES THAT??? Not only is that wrong and unethical no matter which way you twist it, but it's the ONLY child friendly thing that happens on St. Paddy's day and they just HAD to ruin it?? I'm sorry, but honestly I don't care if it's a fucking holiday, there's no reason to be that drunk at 2pm anyway. It's stupid and immature, grow up. If you really NEED to be that drunk that early, STAY IN THE GODDAMN BAR! Or at least watch the parade from in front of the bar, almost every bar on the pub crawl is on or very close to the parade right, you could easily watch from there with all your asshole drunken buddies without disturbing those of us attempting to enjoy it with out children.

I hate St. Patrick's day.