Saturday, March 17, 2012

Unhealthy slob

I feel so disgusting sometimes. Not like in a self conscious way, but just physically I feel icky a lot. I miss the way I felt when I ate healthy, exercised regularly, and drank tons of water. I want to get back to that. SO here is my plan.

I've already started using to track my caloric intake. I'm starting to think I have some type of throid disorder, since I almost never feel hunger and no matter how much I eat I lose weight. Myfitnesspal at least helps me to make sure I take in enough calories/carbs/fat to maintain the weight I currently have (in theory anyway). I'm going to continue using this religiously and include my exercise so I can monitor how well I'm stick to my plan.

I'm going to start doing my P90X. I've been putting it off saying "I don't have time" but I definitely do have time, I'm just lazy and don't want to do it when I have the time.

I'm really going to stop smoking. For real. Like, once this pack is gone I'm done. I can't afford this, physically or financially. And I just feel dirty for doing it anymore.

I'm going to phase out soda with water. When I drink water I feel lively and refreshed. When I drink soda I feel flappy fat and lazy (bonus point to anyone who knows which Disney song that is from!)

Time to go, I hear bagpipes outside which means the parade is starting!