Monday, December 13, 2010

New Apartment

Well, Boyfriend and I are officially kinda-sorta-almost settled into the new apartment that only has half our stuff in it so far, but we make do. Also, I need to find a new name for Boyfriend, I suddenly feel like I'm compying Allie from Hyperbole and a Half. Anyway....

Our new apartment is wonderful, and actually is bigger than what we were supposed to get. Here is how that happened....

After much debate, and long hours looking at different apartment complexes, we fell in love with one, and knew immediately that it would be perfect for us, and the coming Baby. We signed all the papers and were set to move in on November 15th. We were so excited! We both called off work, and talked to people with larger vehicles than my little Hyundai, had friends lined up to help with the things I couldn't lift. We were all set! Then came set back number 1.

The lady called about a week before to tell us we were not allowed to have that apartment because she messed up her math and, since these are income-based apartments, we did not make enough to qualify for that PARTICULAR apartment (we could afford it but they don't allow you to be house-poor apparently), but there were many others in the same complex that we were eligible for. So we went back, looked at a few more, and picked a NEW one that was not as big and not as nice, but still doable, at least for a one year lease. We figured by the time the lease was up, I'd be working in a salon, Baby would be about 9 months, and we could opt to upgrade to the larger one. Move in set for December 1st! Time of course for set back number 2.

The lady called again. They had double booked the elevators for that day, and since the other family and booked first, would we mind pushing our move in back to the next week. I did not understand why we couldn't just do it the next day, but whatever, I was not about to put up a fight, I was having issues with my car so I thought maybe it would help out. Move in date, December 9th. EXCEPT....

A DIFFERENT lady called on the 6th to say that while they were preparing our apartment, something had gone wrong, and they would need a few extra days to fix it. Could we do December 15th? I lost it. I "kindly" (and by kindly I mean I managed not to scream or curse....technically....) told the women that this was not acceptable. We had planned on moving in to this particular place BECAUSE they could supposedly have the apartments ready so quickly (a week after we signed the papers and put down a payment), because I'm pregnant, and just getting BIGGER. I told her that we WOULD be moving in on the 9th, and if that apartment wasn't going to be ready, well, they needed to find a solution to this problem because I was not going to keep waiting until I can hardly move my own body, to move into an apartment. Lady put me on hold.....came back and said she had an apartment that would be ready on the 9th, same size as the ORIGINAL one (that they said we couldn't afford), but a different layout. They would give it to us at the lower price, if we were willing to move in without a chance to see the layout in person (they would need to work double time to get the painting finished. I thanked the lady, said we'd take it and hung up.

I was Boyfriend's hero. He normally handles all the technical stuff (my job is to make things look pretty, he does plans cuz I don't handle stress well), but he was at his wits end. So I allowed my overdrive pregnancy hormones to take over and we ended up with an apartment even NICER than the one we originally wanted.

The nursery is in the hall first leading in to the apartment, with beautiful French doors and 2 HUGE closets (currently being used for storing "we have too much room where the crap should we put this?" type stuff). The hallway also has 2 of the same size closets (this place has more closet space than Paris Hilton's house!). After passing the nursery, you come to where the hallway opens into a small dining room area (well, if we had a table that's what it would be, right now it's just a giant open space between the hall and the living room) The kitchen is off to the right, with an island that seperates it from the other hallway. The living room is GINORMOUS (it makes our 52" rear projection look tiny). Going into the second hallway, off to the left (beside the living room at this point) is our bedroom. We chose it over the larger nursery for the simple fact that it had bigger windows, and we both suck at getting up in the morning so the extra light helps. This bedroom only has 1 giant closet, bringing the total to 5 so far, all the same size, huge by....well...I can walk inside, shut the sliding doors, and walk around back and forth NOT being underneath the hanging racks. Finally the bathroom. It makes me happy. It's big enough that Boyfriend and I can both very easily get ready for things at the same time, the shower/tub is big enough that 6'2'' Boyfriend doesn't hit is head on the shower head. There is also a lot of storage space in this bathroom, including massive cupboards and a large (but not as big as the others) open closet/nook/shelf spot thing. You know, the place you put towels and all the other random crap that doesn't have a proper home so "hey let's put it in the bathroom!"

It's beautiful, I love it, and eventually I'll put pictures up. But that was our adventure to getting an apartment!