Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why Yes, I AM Fat and Lazy!

Yes, I have gained nearly 30lbs in 7 months, taking me to *gasp* a whopping 143lbs at 5'5''.

Yes, I do sleep a lot, and spend a lot of time on the couch, I'm also at risk for preterm labor and have been told to avoid physical stress as much as possible.

Yes, I do eat a lot of random food rather than "typical meals"; I have a very small appetite and have developed morning sickness, so I eat what I can when I can.

Yes, I did get a kitten while pregnant, I also had doctor's approval and support since INDOOR cats cannot carry toxoplasmosis and I was sick of being alone all the time while Boyfriend is at work.

Yes, I drink raw milk while pregnant, from a farm that tests their milk for harmful bacteria, because I am lactose intolerant so it is the only true milk I can drink without getting sick.

I'm so tired of people judging pregnant women for what they do and don't do. I'm sorry, I don't care WHO you are or how much you've studied, YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING. Every single pregnancy is different, just as every single expectant mother is different. We all have circumstances in our lives that sometimes cause the doctors to recommend something that is not "typically" a good idea during pregnancy.

Did you know some doctors recommend certain mothers to drink controlled amounts of dry, red wine at certain points during pregnancy? Apparently it helps with certain medical conditions, but is not something you should do without first talking to your doctor.

Did you know that raw milk has the enzyme that lactose intolerant people do not produce, thus allowing them to digest the milk with no complications? However raw milk can also harbour certain bacteria, so unless you've been drinking it for a while prior to pregnancy (for immune system reasons), it's probably not a good idea to start when you become pregnant.

Did you know that cats, and pets in general are proven to be theraputic and stress relievers? Many doctors will recommend that women who spend large quantities of time alone and have high stress levels consider adopting a cat or dog as a companion, to give them someone to care for and focus on besides their growing bellies during moments of loneliness.

Did you know that at the height of 5'5'', my ideal weight as a woman is around 125lbs? This means I was 10lbs UNDERweight when I got pregnant, so rather than gaining the average 25-35lbs, I should be gaining closer to 45lbs total. At 143lbs I have 17lbs before I'm considered to be overweight while pregnant, and only 13 weeks left in pregnancy.

Did you know my pants size has not changed? All of the weight I have gained has been in my baby belly and in my ever-enlarging chest. I can still fit in to all of my jeans just fine. Buttoning tends to be problematic though, given my protruding stomach, but the legs and butt fit just the same.

Did you know that eating in small portions is proven healthier than sitting down to a large meal, pregnant or not? Or that while pregnant, if a smell or the thought of eating something makes you queasy, it's your body telling you NOT to eat it? So if my whole family is sitting down to lasagna and asparagus, but my body tells me it's time for a banana, yeah, I'm eating the banana.

Out of all those questions, how many were you already aware of the facts behind them? 1? 2? Maybe even 3? I can guarantee you didn't know about me being underweight, or how my clothing fits. You probably didn't know about the raw milk or red wine either. My point is that you DON'T know. So until you are fully aware of every detail of my personal life and the ins and outs of every pregnancy complication and concern, keep your judgments to yourself. I don't care how many times you gave birth, you are not supermom. ADVICE and TIPS are one thing, but don't jump on my case before even asking what my doctor thinks about something. Because I ask her about everything before making a decision.