Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Accidental Hiatus

Well, there's nothing overly exciting to report. My son is now 10 months old and growing like a weed, the in laws frequently ask if I feed him Miracle Grow.

I spend most of my time with him now, I had a job but was forced to leave due to child care conflicts and I am not currently employed. Wish I could stay that way BUT bills must be paid. I recently accepted a job offer but as yet have not heard back as to when I'll be starting.

I've decided to tribute this blog to something, although I have not yet decided on a specific topic so bear with me, I'll probably be trying out several subject before settling on anything. I find it hard to believe that anyone is that interested in my day to day life, I'll find something interesting to write about rather than bore all you readers with the day to day life of me doing virtually nothing.

I will accept any subject matter recommended to me, so feel free to comment with your ideas! Until the next nap readers...